About the UDC



The Union for Democratic Communications was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 1981. It is an organization of communication researchers, journalists, media producers, policy analysts, academics and activists dedicated to:

  • critical study of the communications establishment;
  • production and distribution of democratically controlled and produced media;
  • fostering alternative, oppositional, independent and experimental production;
  • development of democratic communications systems locally, regionally and internationally.

UDC encourages critical perspectives in communication theory, media production and the study of popular culture. Through its conferences, newsletter, and other activities, UDC seeks to:

  • bring together media producers, researchers, policy makers, and grassroots communications activists;
  • promote varied critical approaches to communications and media;
  • advocate the creation of structures to promote democratic communications;
  • work with other progressive organizations to facilitate the production and distribution of democratic communications.


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