Download abstracts for Saturday

8:30-9:30 am             Light breakfast (Bahen Centre for Information Technology, 40 St. George St.)

9:30 – 10:45 am       Dallas Smythe Award and keynote lecture
Adel Sedra Auditorium, Bahen Centre for Information Technology, 40 St. George St.

The Global Climate Crisis Changes Everything — For Media, Too?
Professor Robert Hackett, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University

10:45-11 am              Coffee break (Bissell building lobby, 140 St. George St.)

11:15-12:45 am          Panel session 5

5a.  Silencing Dissent: A Roundtable on Salaita, Academic Freedom and the Neoliberal University (Bissell 538)

Convener/Moderator: Sarah T. Roberts

  • Alicia Kozma, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Rico Kleinstein Chenyek, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Inger L. Stole, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Molly C. Niesen, Eastern Illinois University
  • Brian Dolber, SUNY Oneonta

5b.       Seizing Culture, Heritage, and Citizenship: Struggles Against the Appropriation of Tradition (Bissell 224)
Chair: Henry Svec

  • Patrick MacInnis (University of Toronto): Appropriating City Spaces: Exploring Practice, Process and Policy in Aboriginal Street Art
  • Eva Athanasiu (University of Toronto): Survivance Stories: Aboriginal Networks of Resistance and New Media Art in Canada
  • Henry Svec (University of New Brunswick) The New Brunswick Laboratory of Imaginary Media Research + Design: A Case Study of Impossible Media Practice
  • Lourdes Morales (McGill University): Digital Citizen Strategies: The Present Case of the Mexican Movement for Peace

5c.     Digital Labour (Bissell 728)
Chair: Alison Harvey

  • Eric Lohman (Western University): Fetishizing Flexibility: The Political Economy of Telework
  • Alison Harvey (University of Leicester) and Stephanie Fisher (York University): Games of Resistance: Women’s Work, Community, and the Democratization of Game Design
  • Harrison Smith (University of Toronto): Conventions of Sharing: Situating Labour and Exploitation Within the Sharing Economy
  • Florian Schmidt (Royal College of Art): The Design of Creative Crowdwork From Tools for Empowerment to Platform Capitalism

5d.    Mediated Subjectivity and Workers’ Struggles (Bissell 205)
Chair: Jack Z. Bratich

  • Gary Kinsman (Laurentian University): Of Newsletters and Pamphlets: Autonomist Communication and Organizing in 1970s ‘Canada.’
  • Dorothy Kidd (University of San Francisco): New Enclosures and New Commons: Struggles Over Neo-Extractionism
  • Jack Z. Bratich (Rutgers University): Social Bodies in Movement, Social Bodies at Rest: A Compositionist Media Studies Approach to Contemporary Struggles
  • Marco Deseriis (Northeastern University): The Power of Refusal and the Production of Subjectivity Without a Subject

5e.     Communications Policy and the Public Interest (Bissell 310)
Chair: Michael Lithgow

  • John Anderson (Brooklyn College): Workers Independent News v. FCC: Busted by the News Police
  • Michael Lithgow (McGill University): Un/reasonable Power: An Aesthetic Discourse Analysis of Public Participation In Canadian Broadcasting Policy
  • Ian Kivelin Davis (Augustana College): International News Flow and the Distribution Question: China, Falun Dafa and Pluralism in Canadian Media Policy
  • Ilya Kiriya (National Research University Higher School of Economics): How International Sanctions Contributed to Additional Monopolization of Russian Media

5f.    Labour Struggles in Cultural Industries (Bissell 507)
Chair: Matt Stahl

  • Christine Quail (McMaster University): Dance For Your Life: Dance, Labour, Reality Television
  • Matt Stahl (Western University): Royalties Delayed are Royalties Denied: Aging R&B Performers’ Late-Career Struggles for Economic Justice
  • Errol Salamon (McGill University): Alternative Journalism as Direct Action: Locked Out and Striking Newsworkers Produce Média Matin Québec    

12:45-1:45 pm          Lunch and UDC General Membership Meeting
Howard Ferguson Dining Hall, 75 St. George St.

2-3:30 pm                 Panel session 6

6a.     New Strategies in Media Worker Organizing (Bissell 224)
Chair: Katherine Lapointe

  • Katherine Lapointe, Communication Workers of America-Canada
  • Datejie Green, Canadian Media Guild
  • Karen Wirsig, Canadian Media Guild         

6b.     A Military-Industrial-Communications-Complex in Canada? Roundtable and Discussion (Bissell 225)
Chair: Patricia Mazepa

Organized into three overlapping groups, the roundtable identifies the institutional and symbolic links between the Canadian military, ICT and media firms, discusses comparisons in other nation-states, and highlights emerging challenges to the MICC.

  • Patricia Mazepa, York University
  • Kirsten Kozolanka, Carleton University
  • Tanner Mirrlees, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  • Neil Balan, Wilfrid Laurier University

6c.      We Don’t Need No (Public) Education: Political Struggle Over the Neoliberalization of Public Education (Bissell 205)
Chair: Janice Peck

  • Janice A. Newson (York University): Public Education in a Neo-liberal Stew
  • Alison Hearn (Western University): Public Institutions and Privatized Measures: Toward a Political Economy of Research Metrics
  • Steve Macek (North Central College): “Putting Adults Ahead of Children”: Local News Media’s Framing of the Chicago Teacher’s Union, 2003-2013
  • Janice Peck (University of Colorado at Boulder): “Placing Education Above Politics”: The Ideological Work of the New York Times in the Rise of the “Education Reform Movement”

6d.     Struggles over Digital Technologies (Bissell 728)
Chair: Sherry Yu

  • Sherry Yu (Temple University): Ethnic Media and New Media Technologies
  • Elise Thorburn (University of Western Ontario): Technologies of the Carceral and Securitized Social Reproduction: Prison Technology in Canada
  • David Jackson (Western University): Militant Sound Investigation: Tactical Field Recording in the War Against the Poor
  • Andrew Mestrinaro (University of Ontario Institute of Technology): The Cryptocommunity of Silk Road as Heterotopia

6e.     Constructing Political Reality: Media Coverage and Framing (Bissell 538)
Chair: Dan Tamul

  • Dan Tamul (Indiana University-Purdue University) and Nadia Martinez-Carrillo (Indiana University-Purdue University): Big Media, Big Databases, Big Problems: A Critical Examination of Database Driven Samples in News Framing Analysis
  • Richelle Crotty (Florida State University): The All-Female Jury: A Feminist Political Economic Analysis of the Zimmerman Trial Jurors
  • Martin Marinos (University of Pittsburgh): Media Transformation and the Populist Far-Right in Southeastern Europe: Bulgaria’s “Ataka” Party and Post-Socialist Neoliberalism
  • Shea Smock (Independent Scholar): Replacing the Horse Race & Suppressing Protest: Findings from a Political Economic Analysis of Super PAC News Coverage

6f.    Struggles in Global Media (Bissell 507)
Chair: Lee Artz

  • Lee Artz (Purdue University Calumet): Power and Communication: Working Class Leadership in Public Media Access
  • Guy Hoskins (York University): Programming Power: Internet Policymaking at the Network’s Edge and the Case of Brazil’s Marco Civil
  • Samuel Barros (CEADD, UFBA/MIT): The Internet as Platform for the Inclusion of Citizens in the Democratic Decision Making Process: A Report From Brazil
  • Awais Saleem (Florida State University) and Stephen McDowell (Florida State University): The Political Economy of News Television in Pakistan

3:30-3:45 pm           Coffee break

3:45-5:15 pm             Panel session 7

7a.     Community Media Policy in the Digital Environment (Bissell 507)

  • Catherine Edwards, Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations
  • Kirsten Kozolanka, Carlton University
  • David Murphy
  • Darryl Richardson

This workshop will be part briefing on the current policy background for community media in Canada compared to that in other countries, part sharing of a plan to hold a multi-platform community media conference in 2015 to inform upcoming CRTC policy deliberations, part brainstorming with participants to identify that most pressing policy gaps and issues for community media in Canada, which will feed into the upcoming conference (ComMedia 2015) and accompanying policy development process. Come help us brainstorm more robust community media in the digital environment, including TV, video, radio/audio, online and gaming/interactive platforms.

7b.   The Food System as a Circuit of Struggle and Hope (Bissell 224)

Chair: Mary Triece

  • Christina Ceisel (Hamilton College): Will Blog for (and about) Work: Gendered Iterations of Food Labor and Social Media
  • Mary Triece (University of Akron): Food and Race in the Organizing of Black Urban Farmers

7c.    Beyond #Activism: FemTechNet Collaborations in Digital Pedagogy and Feminist Technology (Bissell 728)
Chair: T.L. Cowan

  • Melissa Meade (Colby-Sawyer College) and Cricket Keating (The Ohio State University): From ‘Do it Yourself’ to ‘Doing With Others’: #feminism Across FemTechNet
  • Joan Donovan (University of California San Diego): What is a Broadcast? Activist Archives and Transmedia Storytelling
  • KJ Surkan (MIT): Hacking the Global Map: Connected Cartography in the Feminist Classroom
  • Sky Croeser (Curtin University): Feminist Critiques of Digital Liberties Activism: Pathways to Transformative Change

7d.    Anonymity, Identity, and Journalism in the Snowden Era (Bissell 538)
Chair: Robert Bodle

  • Brian Creech (Temple University): Our Man in the Field: Digital Tools, Citizen Reporting, and the Displacement of Journalistic Risk
  • Christian Oquendo Sanchez (York University): Updating Digital Divides, State Control, Public Debates and Journalistic Practice in the Context of Socialism of the 21st Century: The Case of Ecuador
  • James F. Hamilton (University of Georgia): Show Your Faces: Notoriety and Online Security
  • Robert Bodle (Mount St. Joseph University): Online Anonymity, Whistleblowing, and Journalistic Standards

7e.      Hacking Neoliberalism: Short Circuiting Control (Bissell 205)
Chair: A.T. Kingsmith

  • Robert E. Latham (York University): Neoliberalism and the Spatialities of Struggle: Possibilities for Re-Collective Passage
  • William S. Jaques (York University): The Internets is SRS BZNS: Politicization, Monetization and Control in the Cybersphere
  • Julian von Bargen (York University): Prosumers and Private Public Spheres: The Socio-Digital Structural Limitations of
  • Thomas N. Cooke (York University): Privacy Stories (Ret)old: Corporate Programming, Neoliberalism and Hacktivism at the Stanford University
  • A.T. Kingsmith (York University): The Hacker Aesthetic: Re-imagining Resistance and Ideology with/in Neoliberal Spaces

7f.     Exercises for the Critical Classroom (Bissell 310)
Chair: Randy Nichols

  • Marc Ouellette (Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture): It’s All Out and You Know: Interpellation, The Self and Others
  • Joe Tompkins (Allegheny College): Against Individualistic Thinking: Teaching Capitalism and Racism as Social Systems
  • Randy Nichols (Bentley University): Rendering the Invisible Hand: Making Sense of Concentration and Competition in the Classroom
  • Chris Demaske (University of Washington, Tacoma): Who Gets to Speak: Unlocking the Mysteries of First Amendment Application
  • James Wittebols (Union for Democratic Communications): A course to help students become more critical researchers: Information Searching and Analysis

6 pm         Circuits of Struggle Plenary  (doors open at 5:15)
Burwash Dining Hall, Victoria University, 89 Charles St. W.

Resistance, Re-appropriation, and Re-purposing in Global Networks of Class Struggle

  • Nick Dyer-Witheford
  • Alison Hearn
  • Harry Cleaver
  • Ursula Huws

7:30 pm     Dinner and dance with Chronologic

CHRONOLOGIC is a dance party through the ages, a survey of eclectic dance music of the last hundred years, a.k.a. the absolute best dance tracks from every era… from the 1890s to 2015, played in chronological order.

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