Download abstracts for Sunday

8:30-9 am              Breakfast  (Howard Ferguson Dining Hall, 75 St. George St.)

10-11:30 am:    Labour Opposes War Walking Tour (Mayworks 2015 event, free walking tour downtown)

9-10:30 am     UDC Business Meeting  — all welcome (Howard Ferguson Dining Hall, 75 St. George St.)

10:30-11:45 am  Panel session 8

8a.     Max Haiven (NSCAD) and Ezra Winton (NSCAD): The Financialization of Documentary, Documenting Financialization: Activist Cultural Production in an Age of Speculative Capital (Bissell 538)

8b.     Social Reproduction and the Emerging Institutions of the Common (Bissell 728)
Chair: Marco Deseriis

  • Elise Thorburn (University of Western Ontario): Communication Technologies and Social Reproduction: Securitized and Autonomous
  • Fiona Jeffries (Carleton University/SFU) and Pablo Mendez: (Carleton University): Turning the Home Inside Out: Commoning Care in the Political Encampment
  • Enda Brophy (Simon Fraser University): Cultural Workers Occupy

8c.    Rules and Resources: Tapping the Potential of Technology (Bissell 507)
Chair: Gregory Taylor

  • Gregory Taylor (Ryerson University) and Catherine Middleton (Ryerson University): Spectrum Allocation: Best Practices for a Public Resource
  • Frederick Emrich (KIMEP University): Toronto Public Library and “Maker Culture”
  • Ishanie Perera (University of Toronto) and Curtis McCord (University of Toronto): Canadian Internet Infrastructure: Cloudy with a Chance of Sublimation
  • Evan Light (Concordia University): Appropriate Telecom: Hacking Big Telecom From Within

8d.     (Re)wiring Struggle and Transformation in Journalism Research and Education (Bissell 225)
Chair: Andrea Hunter

  • Andrea Hunter (Concordia University) and Jessica Sanchez (Concordia University): (Re)Fund: Opportunities and Ethical Issues in Journalism and Crowdfunding
  • David Secko (Concordia University): (Re)Modeling: An Experiment in Providing Students with Alternative Frameworks for Science Journalism Production
  • Stanton Paddock (Concordia University): (Re)work: Who do we Work for? Accreditation and the Historical Shift in Journalism Education’s Purpose
  • Isabel Macdonald (Concordia University): Comics Journalism: Illustrating a Critical Journalism/Research Practice

8e.    Political Economies of Popular Culture (Bissell 310)
Chair: Aaron Heresco

  • Peter Scheckner (Ramapo College): Apocalyptic, and Science Fiction Films: How Hollywood and Television Imagines Social Inequality, People’s Power, and the State
  • Joe Tompkins (Allegheny College): The Makings of a “Revolutionary” Franchise: Promotional Cynicism and The Hunger Games
  • Azmat Rasul (Florida State University) and Jennifer Proffitt (Florida State University): A Passage to India: Indian Film Market and the Political Economy of Disney’s Transnational Operations
  • Aaron Heresco (California Lutheran University): Audience Commodity Revisited: Affiliate Fees and the Changing Product of Television

11:45-12 pm  Coffee break

12-1:15 pm     Panel session 9

9a.     Feminist Media Making: Sharing What We Know, Searching for What We Need, Archiving What We Have (Bissell 224)

  • Elise Thorburn, University of Western Ontario
  • Sheila Sampath, Shameless magazine/The Public

9b.     Panel Network Neutrality: Reflection and Critique Towards a New Circuit of Struggle (Bissell 538)
Chair: Brian Dolber

  • Brian Dolber (SUNY College at Oneonta): Race, Informationism and the Network Neutrality Debate: Towards a Critical Race Theory of Technology Policy History
  • John Anderson (CUNY-Brooklyn College): Astroturf Blowback
  • Russell Newman (Emerson College): Network Neutrality’s 2014 Boost: Beyond Open and Closed, the Consequences and Labors of a Neoliberal Debate      

9c.     Social Movements and Digital Technologies (Bissell 310)
Chair: Elisabetta Ferrari

  • Stephane Couture (McGill University) and Sophie Toupin (McGill University): Digital Infrastructures and/for Social Movements: Contradictions and Convergences
  • Elisabetta Ferrari (University of Pennsylvania): Social Media for the 99%? Rethinking Alternative Media and Social Movements’ Identity in the Corporate Web 2.0.
  • Anne-Marie Romanko (University of Windsor): Pepper Spray, Photoshop, and Protest: The Meme as a Tool for Socio-Political Protest

9d.     News Media and the Promise of Participatory Politics (Bissell 507)
Chair: Jennifer Proffitt

  • Rich Templin (Florida AFL-CIO) and Jennifer Proffitt (Florida State University): The Devil’s in the Details: Media Coverage of Florida’s Ongoing Pension Battle
  • Jessica Sanchez (Concordia University): Madame Premier, How Does the Press See You?: Sexism and Gender Differences in Newspaper Coverage of Canadian Female Premiers.
  • Nadia Martínez-Carrillo (Indiana University-Purdue University) and Dan Tamul (Indiana University-Purdue University): Shale We be Friends?: Analyzing International Criticism of a Repressive Regime in the Context of Neoliberal Energy Politics

9e.    Media and Empire in the 21st Century (Bissell 728)
Chair: Paula Chakravartty
Discussant: Yuezhi Zhao   

  • Paula Chakravartty (New York University): The Infrastructures of the Empire of Liberty
  • Adel Iskandar (Simon Fraser University): Imperial Transculturalism: Neoliberalism Meets Mainstreamed Alterity
  • Deepa Kumar (Rutgers University) and Arun Kundnani (New York University): Security as Psychological Wage: Race, Surveillance, and Empire
  • Wazhmah Osman (Simon Fraser University): Malala and the Other Activists You Haven’t Heard of—The Workings of Gender and Empire

1:30-2:45 pm    Closing Lunch and Plenary
Howard Ferguson Dining Hall, 75 St. George St.

Ruptures and Critical Junctures: Moments of Media Activism in Historical and Global Contexts

  • Todd Wolfson (Rutgers University): Digital Rebellion: The Cultural Logic of Contemporary Social Movements
  • Anita Say Chan (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign): Networking Peripheries: Technological Futures, Informatic Contests and the Myth of Digital Universalism
  • Victor Pickard (University of Pennsylvania): The Postwar Triumph of Corporate Libertarianism and the Future of Media Reform
  • Christina Dunbar-Hester (Rutgers University): Old Media, New Politics? Low-Power FM Radio Activism in the Age of “The Digital”
  • Discussant: Deepa Kumar (Rutgers University)

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